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The Fox's Tower

Written by Sam Thompson

Illustrated by Anna Tromop

Published by Little Island Books, 2022

Sequel to Wolfstongue

Praise for The Fox's Tower

"The mystery and fantasy elements of The Fox’s Tower make it a captivating read for children while its hidden depths entice older readers at once."

– The National

"Lyrical, vibrant, thought-provoking, brave…a tale of family, loyalty, courage and hope. A most fitting follow-up to Wolfstongue, this takes the story to a different level."  – Fallen Star Stories

Willow’s dad has disappeared: stolen by foxes in the night. To find him, Willow must enter the secret world of the Forest. There she will speak with wolves and find the magical Tower where the foxes are ruled by their silver-tongued leader, Reynard.

In the Tower, Willow sees wonders: statues walking the streets, spires reaching to the stars, and a lion who wants to be king. But disaster is near. The magic is running out and soon the Tower will fall.

Reynard has a plan that will change everything, and he needs Willow’s help. But can she trust the story he is telling? Can Willow save her dad and find a way out of the Fox’s Tower?

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