The Story of the Ocean

The Story of the Ocean celebrates the great depths of curiosity, and describes not what the ocean is, but rather what man has believed it to be. Explore the thrilling depths of the ocean through pages that twinkle with gold and hidden treasure. From the birth of oceanography in the 1700s, discover the stories of sailors 

and explorers returning from their adventures at sea to tell fantastical stories of a world filled with bearded sea serpents, deep-sea giants and life more incredible than they could ever imagine. 

The book The Story of the Ocean is the result of an extended research project and exploration into mans curiosity concerning the world surrounding him and the great unknown oceans that have been a source of wonder across cultures for centuries. My personal investment in this project is based in my fascination

for the natural sciences, and my childhood love for marine monsters, dolphins and mermaids.


The book is laid out as a 20 page (3.4 meter) continual timeline, depicting a broad, incomplete representation of the seemingly endless discovery of the ocean. Enclosed in a acrylic case and embellished with gold, the main intention of this book is to spark curiosity and introduce young readers to the history of science and the continual discovery of the deep blue.

© 2020 Anna Tromop