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Written by Sam Thompson

Illustrated by Anna Tromop

Published by Little Island Books, 2021

Sequel: The Fox's Tower

Deep in the forest, foxes live in an underground city built by the wolves they enslaved. Using the power of speech, they keep the wolves under their harsh rule. Wolves Isengrim, Hersent and their pups use secret passages to move between the animal and human worlds. When Isengrim is injured, a young boy named Silas comes to his aid. Silas finds speech difficult, but as his friendship with the wolves grows, he must fight to protect his new friends, and find his own voice.

Inspired by the author’s own son’s difficulty with speech and his love of wolves, Wolfstongue is a beautifully written, thoughtful fantasy adventure that has the feel of a future classic in making.

watercolour, pencil & digital

Praise for Wolfstongue

"Tromop’s realistic black-and-white illustrations accentuate the grim, mysterious atmosphere …Unusual and thought-provoking." – Kirkus

"An intelligent and powerful story about words and language and what it means to have a voice. The illustrations by Anna Tromop are stunning too!"
– A. M. Howell, author of The House of One Hundred Clocks

"Wolfstongue has classic written all over it." 

– Patricia Forde, author of The Wordsmith

"An impressive debut that is nicely illustrated with the black-and-white artwork of Anna Tromop, Sam Thompson's new action/adventure fantasy novel is an engrossing, thoughtful, beautifully written story about humans and animals, Wolfstongue is an inherently entertaining, original, and fully engaging read from cover to cover." – Midwest Book Review

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